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Our Diamond Xtreme Motorglider:

motorglider Xtreme
                            tailview motorglider Xtreme sideview motorglider Xtreme TTC Motorglider Xtreme Cockpit

Sky King Soaring™ is a Training and Sales Partner for the HK36TTC motorglider. Sky King Soaring has offered Flight Training in HK36 motorgliders for more than 10 years - Russ Hustead, the owner of Sky King Soaring, has nearly 4.000 hours experience in this motorglider and is one on the most experienced Xtreme motorglider pilots in the US. Prices for new HK36T-series motorgliders with tricycle gear will start at about $ 220.000. For more information and demonstration rides or flight training in this motor glider give us a call.

Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257,
russ@skykingsoaring.com, or Andy James, the US Distributor, at Flyace@att.net. Please, out of courtesy to my unique business, mention you were referred by Sky King Soaring


Sky King Soaring™ utilizes a nearly new Diamond Xtreme touring motorglider made by Diamond Aircraft. These motorgliders are a pleasure to fly cross-country (power on and power off) because of its superb visibility through a pristine canopy. Flying a motorglider is an earth-friendly, energy-efficient air adventure!


Our graceful sailplane - the HK 36 TTC Motorglider:

  • - Wingspan 54 ft
  • - Glide ratio 27:1
  • - Cruise speed 120 KTS at 75% with 5.7 Gal/Hr
  • - Best glide speed 57 KTS
  • - Rotax 115 HP turbo-charged engine
  • - Manufactured in Austria
  • - Fully FAA certified


About our N638TT Xtreme Motorglider (official Diamond HK 36 TTC Motorglider): This motorglider was built in Austria in 1998 and has a BRAND NEW smooth-running Rotax 914 turbo-charged engine with a newly overhauled constant speed propeller. It possess a tricycle gear for easy take-off and landing. Additional technical details on Diamond Xtreme Motorgliders can be found at the Diamond Austria website.  Information about Diamond aircraft can be found at the Diamond website.

Equipment List of the N638TT motorglider:  This like a USAF warbrid painted Xtreme motorglider has a panel that would please both the soaring enthusiast and the basic VFR or IFR airplane pilot.  A Filser LX100 audio variometer and a KT-76A transponder with mode C capability makes soaring easier and safer and this touring motor glider is probably the ONLY commercial motorglider equipped with a passive Collision Avoidance system, the R-5 made by Proxalert.  The KLX-135A GPS/Com with flip-flop frequency selection makes communication and navigation simple.  A new Garmin GPS 196 moving map provides a third independent GPS source in this motorglider ( if you really need 3 GPS units  ;) ) During power flight, a PS Engineering  intercom provides easy communication for side-by-side pilots. An instrument equipped panel with electric gyros rounds out the panel of this unique motorglider.

Please see also what our clients are writing about riding a motorglider at SkyKingSoaring! Motorgliders are real great fun to fly as a guest or a pilot - it is your choice! Sky King Soaring offers highly recommend flight training in motorgliders - see also our flight training page


Reasons hands down to fly a motorglider vs. light sport aircraft (LSA):

  • > Fly in a motorglider in a proven, certified airframe with a standard airworthiness certificate - utility category.
  • > Fly above 10,000 feet MSL - in fact powered or un-powered soaring flight is possible to FL 180 and beyond.
    (Sky King Soaring has been up to FL 220 without the engine!)
  • > Fly VFR over the tops. Fly even IFR in a motor glider if so equipped and rated.
  • > Fly in a motorglider with a cruise speed of 120 KTS and above.
  • > Fly in a motorglider with a GW up to 1698# to lessen the effects of turbulence.
  • > Glide in a motorglider without a tow plane. Cover long distances as a sailplane engine-off. Go international.
  • > Fly with your guests in your motorglider and charge them when you own a commercial glider license.
  • > Fly a motorglider (and glider) even if your medical certificate has been revoked.
  • > Fly without a medical even if you are not an american resident - no drivers license needed.


SKY KING SOARING presents the all new Stemme S6-RT Motorglider:

Stemme S6 motorglider

Stemme S6 motorglider

Stemme S6 cockpit

This high performance motor glider
is a highly efficient flying machine for soaring enthusiasts and for SEL transition pilots. Fly almost as fast as a Cirrus aircraft with this unique motorglider. This motorglider is available with a fixed (S6-T) and with a retractable (S6-RT) gear. Russ Hustead has flown many hours in this motorglider and is one of the most experienced pilot in the US in a Stemme S6 .

See the specifications of the Stemme S 6-RT motorglider:

  • - Wingspan 59 ft
    - Glide ratio 34:1 (later 38:1 with wing tip extensions)
    - Cruise speed under maximum continuous power (75%) 138 KTS in 12.000 ft MSL with 5.7 Gal/Hr
    - Rotax 115 HP turbo-charged engine
    - Sophisticated avionics package
    - Tricycle Gear
    - Retractable Gear
    - Steerable nose wheel
    - Long distance fuel tanks
    - Manufactured in Germany
    - Fully FAA certified
    - Easy to fly

For more technical information about S6 motorgliders look at the Stemme Germany website.


Sky King Soaring™ is offering two pre-owned motorgliders for SALE at the moment:

2007 Distar Lambada UFM 13/15 meter SN 92-3 995 TT for Sale $109,500 USD

Category S-LSA; it can be used for commercial purposes including instruction. Hours: Tac 811 hours Airframe 995 hours. A five year rotax maintenance was performed April 2016. In Feb/March 2014 the plane was disassembled and the gel coat was sanded off and the plane was painted 2 color polyurethane paint (white and a metallic blue trim lines) which is in like new condition. The control panel has a Borgelt variometer and slave display on passenger side; air speed indicator, precision small altimeter, liquid compass, Garmin GTX 327 Mode C Transponder and NavWorx 600-EXP Mode B transceiver, Garmin Radio SL 40 and PS 1200 intercom. MGL Avionics iEFIS 7” Discovery lite which also receives Mode B traffic and WX. The ship has two main batteries with a selector switch and recharge cables installed for external charger. Having two main batteries enables you to have confidence you will get an engine restart if you have been on one battery for an extended period of time in soaring (engine off) flight. FOR SALE Two Mountain High units for Oxygen Pilot/Passenger and O2 bottle. Two Bose noise cancelling headsets ($985.00 each new). Tow hook for towing sailplanes 15M and 13 meter tips 2 strobe lights (beneath cockpit and top of horizontal stab), led navigation/strobe lights (wingtips), and led landing light. 2 extra wheel covers Galaxy Ballistic Recovery system – due for repack Miscellaneous spare parts such as tires/tubes/brakes/ et al., gap and Tessa tapes, oil and rotax oil filters. Canopy and propeller covers The custom shade/hangar which is portable and can be removed from KSEZ and erected at another airport. (ne discount if you do not want it – just saves me cost of removal) Storage bins Annual April 2016 Mode C transponder tested November 2016 All new fuel, oil, coolant lines, new sensors, April 2016. New propeller/landing gear 9/2015. All books, invoices and history

Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257, russ@skykingsoaring.com
lambada 1 


lambada 2

2005 Distar Lambada UFM 13/15 meter SN 64 1680 TT for Sale $69,900 USD

This is a low cost and nice flying flaperon 30:1 motorglider with new epoxy paint at 1500 hours. Owner, based at Clemson SC, needs hangar room for a new aircraft. Oil changes every 30 hours and good compressions and oil analysis data allow safe and legal flight way past 1500 hr TBO. Backup fuel pump, fuel/water separator, engine oil thermostat, and Reiff crankcase preheater. New custom seats and belts. Ski/baggage tube. Two sets of easily removable wing tips make it a 13m or 15m wingspan. Damage to two landing gear struts repaired by replacement. Damage to prop which struck a taxi light replaced with no engine damage found. Heavy engine maintenance performed by Rotax-expert facility Lockwood Aviation. Priced fairly to sell soon.

Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257, russ@skykingsoaring.com


lambada 2



SOLD ESTATE SALE  1998 Diamond HK36TTC motorglider (first service in 2001), N116TT, 100 hrs engine, approx 150 hrs airframe, NDH.  Rotax 914F.  Garmin GNC 430C panel mount GPS-Com.  Wired to accept Garmin portable. Portable oxygen system and new canopy cover included. Nearly complete overhauled including "section 6" life limited repairs worth $10.000.
Now for only $129,900 - ESTATE SALE PRICING $75.000

Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257, russ@skykingsoaring.com

N116TT motorglider outside 1


N116TT motorglider
                                  outside 2


N116TT motorglider cockpit


SOLD 2006 Ximango "S" version motorglider, SN 200-161, 455 hrs TT, 288 hrs Engine. Fresh annual. 100 hp Rotax 912S. Apollo SL-40 C comm., Apollo SL-70 transponder, Dynon EFIS D-10a,  ILEC 10b soaring computer, "volkslogger" , Garmin 420 GPS, Garmin 396 GPS with weather option.  External charging plug and battery upgrade.  Winglets and USAF Graphics.
2006 price new $233.000, now $185,000. Based in Durango, CO. SOLD!
Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257, russ@skykingsoaring.com

SN 161 motor glider

SN 161 motorglider

SOLD 2006 AMT-200S Super Ximango motorglider, SN 165. 100 hrs TT. One owner, always hangared, one of a kind with NDH.  Rotax 912S 100 hp, Blue Mountain EFIS, Garmin 530, Garmin MX-20 MFD all coupled!  Fresh annual, ready to fly, 31:1 retractable gear motorglider with no medical required, $209,900. Reduced NOW $189.000. OH. SOLD!

Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257, russ@skykingsoaring.com

SN 165 motorglider


SN 165 motorglider

SOLD 1998 Diamond HK36TTC motorglider, N613TT, 450 hrs engine, approx 450 hrs airframe, NDH.  Rotax 914F. Towing package (10.000 $ value) included (perfect for gliding clubs). Bendix King KLX 135 panel mount GPS-Com.  Wired to accept Garmin portable. Replacement of life limited parts done. Canopy cover included.
For Sale Summer 2008. Price upon request. SOLD!

Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257, russ@skykingsoaring.com




SOLD 1999 Turbo Super Ximango motorglider, SN 300-115, 290 hrs TT, 130 hrs SMOH, Rotax 914F3.  Always hangared.  Annual 10/07 by Ximango USA.  Bendix KY97A comm., KT76A transponder certified 3/2008.  Ilec SC-7 vario with total energy.  Vertical card compass.  Electric attitude indicator.  Canopy cover, wing hinge covers, and cowling plugs.  Telex ANR headsets.  Owner’s health forces sale, $125,000. Based in Payson, AZ. SOLD!

Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257, russ@skykingsoaring.com

Ximango motor
                                              glider outside


                                          motor glider cockpit

SOLD 2002 AMT-200S, Super Ximango motorglider, SN 150, 231 hrs TT.  Low maintenance 912S 100 hp engine, one-man folding wings.  IMMACULATE condition, one owner, not a flight school aircraft.  Hangared in AZ. Includes 2 Bose X headsets wired into panel.  Ilec SC-7 TE vario, Apollo SL-40 comm and SL-70 transponder.  Bendix King Skyforce color moving map installed in panel but removable.  Retractable 30:1 motorglider with 110 kts cruise speed.  $144,900.  This will sell fast priced $40K under new. SOLD!

Contact Russ Hustead, Sky King Soaring, 602 622-2257, russ@skykingsoaring.com 


SN 150 motorglider



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