Sky King Soaring Testimonials

Russ with Jens

Testimonial from Stephen Ryan, Aviation Safety Inspector, Germany In May 2014 I spent 2 weeks with Sky King Soaring in Payson AZ. to obtain my FAA Commercial Glider Certificate. Even though I had not flown in the United States for … read more

Contact Us

Sky King Soaring™ LLC is based at Payson Airport (KPAN) in beautiful Payson, Arizona. Russ Hustead is the owner and head of operations. You can reach us via email at Or call us at (602) 622-2257. Mailing address available … read more

Sky King Soaring in the media

Russ Hustead with motor glider at Payson airport

Popular Mechanics Russ Hustead, owner of SKY KING SOARING, was interviewed by Popular Mechanics on the 2009 Hudson River Crash. Read the article. when Russ Hustead, a gliding instructor and owner of Arizona-based Sky King Soaring, first saw the news, … read more

Letter From An FAA Examiner

reference letter from Terry Brandt, Master Certified Flight Instructor

Russ Hustead was chosen by the FAA to train the FAA inspector who must certify the examiners who conduct checkrides in motorgliders. This is what an FAA examiner thought of Russ.

Meet Your Pilot: Russ Hustead

Russ Hustead with motor glider at Page AZ

Whether flying behind the dependable turbo-powered Rotax 914 in Sky King Soaring’s™ beautiful Diamond Xtreme, or enjoying the uplift of an Arizona thermal in a conventional sailplane, Russ Hustead loves soaring flight. Russ has accumulated over 6500 hours since he … read more