Flight Instruction

happy guys in motor glider at Payson airport

Learn to Soar in a Motorglider! Adding a glider rating to your SEL or PPL. Cost for flight instruction is approximately $2500-3000 for a private add-on and $3000 for a commercial add-on. Or begin from scratch and learn to soar … read more

Student Photo Gallery

Dan and Tom Allen, both smiling

Not sure if you can soar? We have had successful students from 14 to 93. You too can become a motorglider pilot.

Sky King Soaring Testimonials

Russ with Jens

Testimonial from Stephen Ryan, Aviation Safety Inspector, Germany In May 2014 I spent 2 weeks with Sky King Soaring in Payson AZ. to obtain my FAA Commercial Glider Certificate. Even though I had not flown in the United States for … read more

Flight Training Documents

Here are some documents you’ll want to review or print out to prepare for your training flights. N638TT checklist More documents soon!

Landing a Motorglider

As any pilot will tell you, landing is the tricky part. The picture above shows a nice flare height. And here’s a video that shows what a good landing in a motorglider looks like. Get started with your training today! … read more

A Perfect Glider Landing Sequence

Here’s a perfect example of landing a (motor) glider with no engine. These photos were taken during a soaring contest at Estrella Sailport south of Phoenix, AZ. One of the great advantages of a motorglider! Using the motor is optional.

Top 12 Reasons

Here are the top 12 reasons why you should receive your flight training at SkyKingSoaring: The weather is almost always great in Payson, Arizona, USA. Did I mention thermals to 18,000 MSL in May and June and wave to FL … read more

Letter From An FAA Examiner

reference letter from Terry Brandt, Master Certified Flight Instructor

Russ Hustead was chosen by the FAA to train the FAA inspector who must certify the examiners who conduct checkrides in motorgliders. This is what an FAA examiner thought of Russ.

Meet Your Pilot: Russ Hustead

Russ Hustead with motor glider at Page AZ

Whether flying behind the dependable turbo-powered Rotax 914 in Sky King Soaring’s™ beautiful Diamond Xtreme, or enjoying the uplift of an Arizona thermal in a conventional sailplane, Russ Hustead loves soaring flight. Russ has accumulated over 6500 hours since he … read more

Motorglider and Soaring Links

Here are links to motorglider and soaring resources. Soaring Associations Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA) – https://www.motorgliders.org/ Arizona Soaring Association – http://www.asa-soaring.org/ Soaring Society of America – https://www.ssa.org Soaring Weather/Flight Planning Windy – https://www.windy.com/ Aircraft-related Sites Diamond Aircraft – https://www.diamondaircraft.com/en/ … read more

Motorgliders vs. Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

motor glider flying near clouds

Reasons hands down to fly a motorglider rather than a light sport aircraft (LSA). Fly in a proven, certified airframe with a standard airworthiness certificate – utility category. Fly above 10,000 feet MSL – in fact powered or un-powered soaring … read more