Motorgliders vs. Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

Reasons hands down to fly a motorglider rather than a light sport aircraft (LSA).

  • Fly in a proven, certified airframe with a standard airworthiness certificate – utility category.
  • Fly above 10,000 feet MSL – in fact powered or un-powered soaring flight is possible to FL 180 and beyond.
    (Sky King Soaring has been up to FL 220 without the engine!)
  • Fly VFR over the tops. Fly even IFR in a motorglider if so equipped and rated.
  • Fly in a motorglider with a cruise speed of 120 KTS and above.
  • Fly in a motorglider with a gross weight up to 1698 pounds to lessen the effects of turbulence.
  • Glide in a motorglider without a tow plane. Cover long distances as a sailplane engine-off.
  • Go international.
  • Fly with your guests in your motorglider and charge them when you own a commercial glider license.
  • Fly a motorglider (and glider) even if your medical certificate has been revoked.
  • Fly without a medical even if you are not an American resident – no drivers license needed.