Motorglider and Soaring Links

Here are links to motorglider and soaring resources.

Soaring Associations

Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA) –

Arizona Soaring Association –

Soaring Society of America –

Soaring Weather/Flight Planning

Windy –

Aircraft-related Sites

Diamond Aircraft –

Stemme –

Rotax Engines –

Rotax Owners –

Bruce’s Aircraft Covers –

MT-Propellers –

Ximango –

Our Diamond Partner

Great Lakes Diamond Aircraft Sales –

Recommended Reading…

Glider Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge by Russell Holtz – available at

Glider Flying Handbook by the FAA – download from the FAA

Stick and Rudder by Wolfgang Langewiesche – available at Amazon
a comprehensive guide of piloting, including what they do, how they do it, and why

Transition to Gliders by Thomas Knauff – available at Amazon
for the power pilot; helps differentiate gliders from powered aircraft and helps adjust to the change

Glider Polars and Speed-to-Fly by Bob Wander – available at Amazon
defines and explains different glider concepts